Calculator Smart is the greatest, most accurate calculator ever made, with stunning modern interface. You can make everyday simple calculations or complex computations straight from your Apple Watch, iPhone, iPad or Apple TV.

An accurate and flawless calculator is a must-have app for everyone’s device, so don’t hesitate and grab the awesome Calculator Smart for FREE!



• Standard and Scientific mode with more than
   30 scientific operations

• Slide to delete wrong digit(s)

• Copy & Paste - Double tap or Long press on number field and choose Copy or Paste option

• Three digit easy to read grouping format

• Locale-specific Decimal and Thousands Separators

• Output in 2 formats: Scientific notation
   (mantissa/exponent) and Decimal
   floating point

• Degrees and Radians calculations

• Easy to use memory buttons

• Parentheses and nested parenthesis for
   complex equations calculation

• Gorgeous big buttons for ultrafast calculations

• Sound when pressing a button

• Today Extension - Do your calculations straight
   on your Lock Screen without unlocking the device

• Message Extension - Easiest way to share the result
   of your calculations

• Apple Watch App & Complication Shortcuts

• Support for Multitasking - Slide Over, Split View
   (iOS 9 or later)

• Support for External Keyboard - You can do the math
   with any connected Bluetooth or Smart Keyboard

• Support for 3D Touch - Copy Last Result
   without launching the app

• Colorful skins for every taste

• Different App Icons - App Icon changes to match the color
   of the chosen skin (iOS 10.3 or later)

Available on Apple Watch, iPhone, iPad & Apple TV

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